Monday, October 19, 2009

Welcoming Baby Jace!

Jace arrived on October 5th - and of course we all loved him from the first sight of him! He is a sweet little bud and Lance and Kenna are already great parents! Two weeks old today - Check out Kenna's blog for full details - I'll leave it to her to share what details she chooses :)

IMG 2660

Jeff and I headed to Disneyland our 5th Anniversary - fun rides, good weather, nice meals and a great massage!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Some Summer Fun

It looks like I am a quarterly blogger! We have had an amazing and busy summer! Kara started 8th grade today~Summers Over!

A few quick updates - Tara, Steve and Taryn are in Oregon and soon to be welcoming their new little one!
Kenna and Lance are due with their baby in September. April Vicente and the twins are settled in their new home and schooling in Arizona. Cade is moving to Student apartments,Marcie and Josh just returned from a great summer vacation, and Jeff and I are doing all we can to keep up with it all!!! We have had wonderful holidays, celebrations, and reunions. Jeff has started a job in Salt Lake (talk about a commute) and has some other projects on line - naturally. We are soon to celebrate our 5th Anneversary!! My how the time flies when you are having fun!

Life is good and we are very grateful to be together and surrounded with the gospel, family and good friends!